Live betting on cards

In the next few lines I am going to write about an interesting betting strategy I have been using successfully in the past few seasons. It is about live betting on yellow and red cards in the matches from the knockout stages of the European club competitions.

As you well know,yellow-card the eliminations in the Champions League and Europa League are held in two matches. The winner of the two matches goes further in the tournament. Only the final is played in just one match.

What is clear at first glance is that who goes further and who is eliminated from the tournament is decided in the second match. Often the difference between winning and losing, and between qualifying ahead and retiring from the tournament is only one goal. Then we see situations where the goalkeepers are together with the strikers in the attack and everybody is looking for this decisive goal. In moments like these, the tension is really high and it often affects the players. When there is tension, there are also hard and even dangerous tackles, which means only one – yellow and red cards.

red-cardSo, how to use this fact for our betting success?

If you take the time to do a research you will see that the second matches from the European tournaments have a surge of received cards. This is especially true when everything is decided in the last few minutes of the match.

So, I try to use for my betting this principle. I do live betting on matches where the winner is not clear yet and only one scored goal could turn the thing upside down. When I see such a match I bet on live for more cards than what the bookmaker offers at the 60th minute.

If the winner and therefore the team that will go forward are already determined, I simply don’t bet on this match. It is clear that when both teams know that the outcome is already predetermined, it is unlikely to go playing too rough.

The same is true when the outcome of the match will lead to extra time. In such cases, the teams are very careful not to get cards, which means that this betting system cannot be implied.

If this betting system has interested you, then do a paper trial and work it out for you. At least for me it is very profitable and I hope it will be for you too.

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